Saturday, January 17, 2015

3 important qualities that every employer looks for

In today economy, finding a job in a very competitive job market can be tough, so I thought I'd list three important traits that every employer looks for when they need to fill a job:

1. Having style
2. Having flair.
3. Being there.

With these three critical traits, you can easily become...The Nanny.

Apparently not knowing CPR and first aid, not a deal breaker when taking care of children. Did Sheffield or Niles even do a background check on Fran before putting three kids in her care?

I'm going to enjoy it if this post someone attracts people looking for job tips. The only ones I have is to stay in school, then go to college and major in something that will actually be financially useful in your life, like STEM, law, medicine, or finance or something. Get yourself set up and stable, then go back for that degree in art, literature, or whatever. I'm not knocking your degrees, but art history probably isn't going to feed, clothe, or house you like an engineering degree can.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sega's ads for Genesis and Game Gear were a just a tad bit risque

But you know, just a smidge.

About as subtle as a nuclear attack.
Both ads are about as subtle as a nuclear attack and probably wouldn't be published nowadays in most gaming mags, but online? Probably.

Both ads via 8-Bit Central.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good for him: Stephen Fry marrying his boyfriend Elliot Spencer

And I'm sure there's going to be much foo foo over the fact that there's a thirty-year age difference between Fry (57) and Spencer (27), but honestly who gives a shit? God knows Fry deserves to be happy and according to one of his friends, he's smiling again, so that's great.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Interesting little problem and a simple fix: videos won't play because of a green screen

Just had this happen with my dad's laptop. He was trying to watch a video on Facebook and while the audio played, the screen was almost as green as the ones they use in movies nowadays. Now, I'm no techie, but I went through the usual procedure of checking to make sure Flash was up to date and that Flashblock wasn't behind it. Yes and no on both of those. Then I checked YouTube to see whether it wasn't anything more than a Facebook problem and yup, videos on there wouldn't work right either, even after a good ole CTRL+F5. After that, I went for the tried and true method of diagnosing any computer related problem: I googled it.

The answer was pretty mundane and the fix simple: right click on the video, go to settings and disable hardware acceleration. Refresh and boom, it's fixed. Tip of the hat to Lifehacker for having the fix.

Pictures via thewinterarcher.

Friday, November 21, 2014

"I'll give you a left turn, bitch!" - Let's Play GTA V - Crazy Taxi

This was one hilarious LP. This is one of those Team Lads vs. Team Gents videos and the idea is that one of them plays a taxi driver and has to try and pick up and drop off the other two members of their team (one at a time) while the other team tries to kill the driver. Just to make things interesting, only one member on the opposing team can use a pistol; the others are restricted to flying a helicopter and driving a police car. It looks like they were trying to keep points, but that was ditched pretty quickly, since neither team was declared the winner. I have to wonder why anybody gets into a helicopter in this game when Gavin is the pilot, because you know he's going to crash that thing some point soon.

That limo at the end took everything - a helicopter crashing into it, rammings by a police car, being shot repeatedly - and survived it all until the...well, you gotta watch the video to find out.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mind the dust - blog overhaul in process

The jiggering is getting rejiggered and the polarity is getting inverted! It's like how they redid all the cutscenes in Halo 2, but not as creepy.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Well, the Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter fandoms now know what Gavin and Geoff's pubes look like...

Why god, why? For those who don't want to watch the video: Geoff's wife, Griffon shaves his beard and Gavin's hair off, then they stick the latter's hair to the former's face and the former's to Gavin's head.

Then it gets straight up weird. Both Gavin and Geoff shave their pubes and glue them to Griffon's armpits (Gavin's on the right, Geoff's on the left), then go out for like a beer or something at the end. I swear I am not making any of that up.

So context: Gavin, Geoff and his wife Griffon filmed all of these home videos over the past five or so years and only now have started uploading them to the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel. From what I can tell, I think this video was filmed back during the early days of Versus, possibly episode 13.

People from Rooster Teeth aren't normal, LMAO.

Friday, September 26, 2014

In case you've ever wondered what the Nintendo originally looked like - the Famicom

Then again, every gamer probably knows what it looks like already, but I still think it's worth posting.

Credit: Evan-Amos (via)
I like the holders on the side for the controllers. Those would have been a nice addition to the NES over either just leaving them where they lie or wrapping the cord around them. Speaking of controllers, the one docked to the console is different than the other. No Select or Start buttons, but it has a built in mic, along with a volume control. Apparently this was soon done away with and the second controller became identical to the first. They were both also originally hardwired into the Famicom itself before Nintendo changed that too.

I heard once that the reason why Nintendo designed the NES differently is because they believed that American consumers wouldn't take the console seriously unless it was bigger. No idea if that's true, but honestly, I'm willing to believe it is.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

In which I list my favorite Kevin Smith movies

1. Mallrats.
I like Mallrats because it's just a funny movie is an oddball plot. Brodie and T.S. spend an entire day in a mall and later, an indoor flea market (or dirt mall, as T.S. calls it). In that time they help derail a knockoff of The Dating Game, get several people arrested, meet a fortune teller with a third nipple, and win back their girlfriends. Not bad for a day. The cameo by Stan Lee is nice, as is the comic book references. The running gag with Silent Bob constantly crashing through things while Joey Lauren Adam's character is trying on clothes in dressing rooms always gets me laughing.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Someone created a 3D model of Milo Manara's Spider-Woman pose...and it is the stuff of nightmares

Credit: imgur/reddit/the darkest pits of the abyss
That's um...that's pretty fucking terrifying, dude. Can you imagine being a supervillain and seeing that crawling towards you? You'll never be the same again.

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